# 20231110 Use AWS CDK CLI Alpha

Date: 2023-11-10

# Status


# Context

In normal operation, CDK relies on a CLI tool, as well as configuration files installed in the project directory. However, we want to run Rocket as an independent tool and not "clutter up" the user's project directory.

# Decision

We are using the @aws-cdk/cli-lib-alpha module. This library, published by Amazon, enables the developer to deploy and destroy stacks programmatically, without the use of the command line. Furthermore, the CloudFormation configuration can be produced by a class implementing the ICloudAssemblyDirectoryProducer, making the changes to the directory structure that CDK usually necessitates obsolete.

# Consequences

We are willingly using a library that is currently in alpha. Hence, we anticipate having to make changes to some code in the future as this library updates and becomes more stable.