# [stack] [deploy|destroy]

# Introduction

Use this to either deploy a stack to AWS via CDK, or destroy said stack.

This command will:

  • make sure that your currently selected AWS_PROFILE has valid credentials, or, failing that, ask you to choose one
  • make you confirm that the currently selected profile is the one you actually want to work with
  • ask you for the stack name1
  • perform the operation (deploy or destroy) programmatically, without changing your directory structure

# TestBucket Stack

Command: rocket aws test-bucket [deploy|destroy]
Default name: rocket-test-bucket-stack

This stack is used for test purposes only, to establish whether or not the user's credentials combined with Rocket's tools can successfully deploy a CDK stack to AWS.

# Resources

Service Name Description
S3 [stack-name]-test-bucket A simple S3 bucket used just for testing.

  1. Choosing a different stack name than the default helps multiple developer work on the same project / stack.