# add:
Initialize Contentful

# Introduction

If you use rocket ignite all steps listed will be executed automatically.
If you want to initialize Contentful on it's own, you can do this with:

rocket contentful add

# Usage

# Step 1: Navigate to your project folder

Open the terminal and navigate to the project folder where you want to add Contentful.

# Step 2: Initialize Contentful

Run the following command to initialize Contentful in your project folder.

rocket contentful add

# Step 3: Add your Contentful CMA credentials

You will be asked for your Contentful credentials. You can find them in your Contentful space settings under CMA tokens.

The CMA token is necessary to have access to your Contentful and perform our steps there.

For more information how to create a token, take a look in the Contentful documentation.

Contentful credentials
Contentful credentials

# Step 4: Select a space

After you have entered your credentials, you will get a list of all available spaces.
Now select a space on which you want to work.

Contentful space
Contentful space

# Step 5: Contentful Migrations

You will be asked if you want to use Contentful migrations. We recommend that you use all of our recommended migrations.

Contentful migrations
Contentful migrations

# Step 6: Create environments

You will be asked which of our recommended environments you should add.

If you already have one of the recommended environments, it will not be displayed there.

Contentful environments
Contentful environments

# Step 7: Done 🎉

Contentful is now initialized. 🎉