# Hush!

We use Hush! (npm package: hush-cli) to safely version-control your environment secrets and to facilitate a secure exchange of secrets between developers.

Hush! is automatically added if you use Rocket's ignite command, but you can also add it to your project via launchpad with:

rocket launchpad hush

Adding Hush! to your project will:

  • ask you for the key to identify your Hush! secret with
  • add the required dependencies to your project
  • add the two commands hush:push and hush:pull to your package.json
  • attempt to push your .env file to AWS via Hush!

# AWS Profile

In order to use Hush! to manage your environment secrets, you must have a valid AWS profile selected. If you're unsure how to do that, please refer to the Hush! installation guide.