# ESLint & Prettier

# Introduction

Rocket comes pre-configured with essential tools to maintain code quality and consistency: ESLint and Prettier. You have the flexibility to extend or modify these configurations according to your project's needs.

# ESLint

ESLint is a static code analysis tool that helps identify potential errors and ensures adherence to coding standards.

Rocket comes with a basic setup for ESLint, including an ignore file. The configuration is available in eslintrc.json. If you need to customize it further, refer to the ESLint Docs - Configuration.

To exclude specific files from linting, add them to the .eslintignore file in your project's root directory.

# Prettier

Prettier is an automatic code formatting tool that helps maintain code consistency and readability. It removes all original styling and ensures that all outputted code conforms to a consistent style.

Rocket comes with a basic Prettier configuration along with an ignore file. You can find the configuration settings in prettierrc.json. If you want to fine-tune the configuration, visit the Prettier Docs - Configuration.

To exclude particular files from code formatting, list them in the .prettierignore file located in your project's root directory.