# 20231129 20231204 Usage of ImpEx-sphere-github

Date: 2023-12-04

# Status


# Context

When evaluating whether a product importer was necessary, we came across "ImpEx UI" from Commercetools. This ImpEx UI offers various import & export options and can save a lot of time and budget so that you don't have to program certain applications yourself.

Behind the ImpEx UI is a GitHub CLI repository, most of which still bears the name "sphere...". This GitHub repository is linked directly to the various ImpEx UI commands.

After making it possible to deploy product types via AWS, we noticed that these repositories do NOT offer the same functions as the ImpEx UI itself.

The functions are limited. Repeated use with the same values does not produce the same results. In addition, although products can be imported with the "Product importer", they are not updated. So the price/name etc. cannot be changed, you would have to delete the products beforehand.

We have also encountered problems in connection with Windows.

# Decision

The features we have already programmed will gradually be replaced by another option. Since the tools from Sphere are outdated, we have researched the possibility of becoming the "Import API" from Commercetools. This and other solutions should replace the outdated packages of Sphere. The Sphere packages should no longer be used in the future, as they do not offer the same result as the ImpEx UI and are too outdated.