# How to contribute

Thank you for reading this page, we would love to hear how you think Rocket can be improved. Out of respect for your time, this guide will be succinct.

If you want to... then
report a bug open a Bug Report issue
have an amazing idea or want to suggest a new feature open a Idea/Feature Request discussion
suggest an improvement on existing features open an Improvement discussion
ask a question or need any help start a Q&A discussion
do something else start a discussion

# Want to implement a feature on your own?

That's great! At this point in time we still have to cope with our own budget and are trying to not drown in maintaining codereviews and scope creep, so please understand that we have to impose some limitations.

Steps to a successfull new feature:

  1. Write a quick summary of the requested feature here: Idea/Feature Request discussion and check "Are you interested in contributing?".
  2. We'll discuss the feature internally and come back to you.
  3. You'll (probably) get a go, so feel free to get your hands dirty. Do not refrain from asking for help in the process.
  4. We'll review your code and integrate it.
  5. That's it, thanks for contributing 🚀