# ctp-product-types-importer [deploy/destroy]:
Deploy Product Type Importer for Commercetools

# Introduction

Command: rocket aws ctp-product-types-importer
Default name: rocket-ctp-product-types-importer

This stack provides a convenient way for customers to create product types in Commercetools. The stack will create a S3 bucket and a corresponding Lambda function. When a user uploads a ZIP file containing two csv files (one for product types and one for product type attributes), the Lambda will pick up the file, convert it to JSON, and create the types in Commercetools.

The ZIP file should contain two files: product-types.csv and product-attributes.csv. You can find sample data in this Commercetools Git repository:

# Video

Screenshot of the video explaining the stack
Screenshot of the video explaining the stack

# Resources

Service Name Description
S3 [stack-name]-import-bucket The S3 bucket to receive the ZIP file.
Lambda [stack-name]-lambda The Lambda gets invoked by a PutEvent in the bucket and creates and uploads product types.