# ctp-product-importer [deploy]:
Deploy Product Importer for Commercetools

# Introduction

To use the product importer separately from the Commercetools ImpEx, Rocket offers the possibility to use an importer employing a S3 bucket and a Lambda function. The importer will get triggered by a .zip upload to the S3 bucket and will import the products into Commercetools.

To import the products, Rocket uses the Commercetools CLI tool sphere-node-product-csv-sync.

The importer is created with the following command:

rocket aws ctp-product-importer deploy

# Deploy the product importer

# Step 1: Create clients in Commercetools

In order to create the proxy, the proxy needs certain environment variables use the sphere-node-product-csv-sync.

These environment variables are created in the clients step. Once the step has been successfully executed, the product importer has all the information it needs for Commercetools from the .env file. It uses the CTP_ADMIN_... environments.

# Step 2: Choose your AWS profile

To deploy something to AWS you need config files. You can find out how this works in the AWS documentation.

You can select a AWS profile with the following command:

export AWS_PROFILE=your-profile
set AWS_PROFILE=your-profile

# Step 3: Deploy the Product Importer stacks

To deploy the product importer, you can use the following command:

rocket aws ctp-product-importer deploy

This command will create 1 S3 bucket and 1 Lambda function. The Lambda function will be triggered by a .zip upload to the S3 bucket.

# How to use the Product Importer

To use the product importer, you have to create a .zip file with the following structure and upload it to the S3 bucket.

The .zip file can contain multiple .csv files.
You can for example create a products.csv file with the products you want to import. Have a look at the sphere-node-product-csv-sync documentation to see how the products.csv file has to look like.