# clients:
Add Commercetools clients

This command will ask you for the necessary credentials to connect to your Commercetools project and then add the API clients to your Commercetools project.

# Usage

rocket commercetools clients

# Step 1: Create an API client

Create an API client in Settings -> Developer Settings -> API Clients in the Commercetools Merchant Center.

The API client should use the following scopes:

API client
API client

# Step 2: Insert your Commercetools credentials

The following credentials are requested:

  • Project Key: The project key of your Commercetools project
  • Client ID: The client ID of your Commercetools API client
  • Client Secret: The client secret of your Commercetools API client
  • API URL: The API URL of your Commercetools project
  • Auth URL: The Auth URL of your Commercetools project
  • Scopes: The scopes of your Commercetools API client

Insert all credentials in the terminal.

For more information about the API clients and which are created, please refer to the API client documentation.