# add:
Initialize Commercetools

# Introduction

If you use rocket ignite all steps listed will be executed automatically.
If you want to initialize Commercetools on it's own, you can do this with:

rocket commercetools add

Also have a look at the AWS Section of the Rocket CLI documentation. Some Commercetools features are only available with AWS, for example the Proxy.

# Usage

# Step 1: Create a Commercetools project

To get started with Commercetools you need a project.

# Step 2: Initialize Commercetools with Rocket

Run the following command to initialize Commercetools in your project.

rocket commercetools add

# Step 3: Create a Commercetools API client for infrastructure

You will need to create one API client for the infrastructure in the Commercetools Merchant Center. Visit the API clients documentation to learn how to create an API client.

Insert all credentials from the Infrastructure, which we created in the marked documentation.

# Step 4: Add Commercetools Clients

Rocket will add the following clients to your Commercetools project and the credentials will be saved to the .env file:

  • ME
  • READ

For more information, please visit the API clients explanation page.

# Step 5: Create API roots

Rocket will create the following API roots and files for you:

  • meApiRoot.ts
  • readApiRoot.ts
  • serverApiRoot.ts
  • adminApiRoot.ts

For more information, please visit the API roots explanation page.