# migrate:
Custom Migrations

# Introduction

Rocket CLI utilizes contentful-migration to provide the ability to migrate custom content types.

# Usage

# Step 1: Add files

Create a custom-migrations directory in your project folder. Add your .ts migration files to the custom-migrations directory.

The files should be named in the following format: number-name.ts.
is used to determine the order of the migrations. The name is used to identify the migration.
example: 001-create-content-type.ts

# Step 2: Run migration

Run the following command:

rocket contentful migrate

# Step 3: Select space

Select the space you want to migrate.

# Step 4: Select environment

Select the environment within the selected space.

# Step 5: Migrate

Rocket CLI will ask you to confirm the migration.
After confirming, the migration starts. Rocket CLI informs you about the success status of the migration.

# Migration structure

The migration files should be written in the following format:

module.exports = function (migration, context) {
  const dog = migration.createContentType("dog");
  const name = dog.createField("name");

For more information about the migration structure, see this Contentful migration documentation.