# Get Access

# Access to the repository

To get access to the CLI tool you need access to the Rocket GitHub Repository
- You can check whether or not you have access here: Rocket Repository Access
If you don't have access to the repository yet, please apply for it at the Funkeys++.

# Github Access Token

To get access to private packages via NPM Manager we need to create a Github Access Token.

# Step 1: Open Github/Developer Settings

Visit the Developer Settings page on Github.

# Step 2: Create a Token

Create a new personal access token (classic) by clicking on Generate new token (classic).

Github Access Token

# Step 3: Add permissions

Select the repo and read:packages permissions:

Github Access Token Permissions

# Step 4: Copy the token

Copy the token and save it somewhere safe. You will need it in the next step.

Github Access Token Copy

# Step 5: Add the token to your .npmrc

Add the token to the .npmrc file, which should be located at C:\Users\<user> on Windows and ~/.npmrc on Mac/Linux.

Github Access Token NPMRC


Now the access to the core packages should work.