# Frontend framework

# Introduction

Rocket offers you the option of integrating a frontend framework during the rocket ignite process.

# Options

# Plain

You can use Rocket without frontend framework with plain vanilla javascript. If you select this option, none of the steps in the ignite process will be skipped.

# Custom

To use Rocket in combination with a frontend framework, you first have to implement your frontend framework and then start the ignite process in your root directory. Rocket will then skip the steps to add ESLint and prettier and skip the .gitignore step as well, if it already exists. If you already have an .env file and have variables that you need there, you should select the backup option in the env step and then manually add the required variables from the two files to your .env.

Please make sure that you run ignite directly after adding the frontend framework and do not make several other configurations in the meantime.

# Next.js

Rocket offers the option of integrating Next.js during the ignite process. For this, npx create-next-app@latest is used. Rocket will then skip the steps to add ESLint, prettier and .gitignore.

# Next Commerce

You can use the customized version of Next.js Commerce (incl. adapter for commercetools and contentful). For this, the Next.js Commerce kernpunkt repository is cloned during the ignite process. Rocket will then skip the steps to add ESLint, prettier and .gitignore.