# Retype


# Introduction

This website is powered by Retype and is hosted on GitHub Pages.

# Quick start

# Prerequisites

Use your favorite package manager to install Retype.

The installer will automatically detect and choose the correct platform package. To install platform specific packages see Retype Guide

yarn global add retypeapp
npm install retypeapp --global

# Start Retype server

retype start

# Configuration

Retype needs just a minimal configuration to make magic happening. See retype.yml.

# retype.yml

Instructions for Retype on how to configure and build the project. Open .yml in GitHub

All possible configuration options: Retype docs

# GitHub actions

# 1. Build action (publish-docs.yml)

The Publish docs workflow configuration instructs GitHub Action to automatically build the documentation website upon each push to the main branch, and then deploys the website to the retype branch.

name: Publish Documenation
      - main

    name: Publish to retype branch

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      contents: write

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3

      - uses: retypeapp/action-build@latest

      - uses: retypeapp/action-github-pages@latest
          update-branch: true

Open publish-docs.yml in GitHub

There is another Retype related GitHub Action:

# 2. GitHub pages action (pages-build-deployment)

The second, GitHub Pages Action will automatically publish the built website to a branch in Github so it is available to host from GitHub Pages. By default, the retype branch is used.

# Configure GitHub Pages

Navigate to the Settings > Pages page of the repo. The URL should be the following:

# 1. Pick branch


# 2. Custom domain:

# Help

$ retype --help
  Retype CLI

  retype [command] [options]

  --info          Display Retype information
  --version       Show version information
  -?, -h, --help  Show help and usage information

  start <path>  Build and serve the project using a local development only web server
  init <path>   Initialize a new Retype project
  build <path>  Generate a static website from the project
  serve <path>  Serve the website in a local development only web server
  clean <path>  Clean the output directory
  wallet        Manage Retype secret license keys

For further configuration options, refer to the Retype Configuration Guide

# How to add pages?

All .md files are located in the folder [root]/docs.

Use following templates to create a new page or folder.

Template for new page
Template for new folder